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An Open Letter to Garbage

Dear members of Garbage,

On one level, this will simply be yet another one of countless fan letters you must get.  But what I hope you can appreciate is that, through your work, you touch millions but no single one of them in exactly the same way such that each expression of gratitude is, in its own way, fresh and unique.  This is the true beauty and majesty of art in that it affects each individual in a profoundly personal way according to the experience and circumstances of that individual at that particular point in space/time.

For the sake of brevity, I cannot even begin to go into detail of all the different ways in which I feel gratitude towards you right now and why.  For what it’s worth, however, as an unknown writer whose sole talent is the written word I have only this letter at my disposal.  And in the off-chance that one of you might actually see it, I will make this as mercifully brief and to-the-point as possible.

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You Were Born a Star

For quite some time now, I’ve had this certain belief that may come across as slightly loony to some.  You see, I believe that everyone is, deep down, a star.  (As in a celebrity).  Yes, that’s right.  I believe everyone’s a celebrity in divine disguise.  The vast majority don’t realize it, but it’s true.

I had always wanted to write an essay about this, but I was finally galvanized into doing so while recently listening to Lady GaGa’s newest single, “Born This Way.”  I tell you, this is no pop song.  It’s a channeled transcription from Divinity.  It is the sound of a soul claiming the destiny it was born into a human body to fulfill:  that of inspiring people to claim their birthright as stars in their own right.

My Mama told me when I was young / We are all born superstars,” the song begins.  The moment I heard those lines I already knew this song was going to send my heart soaring into the stratosphere and beyond.  And I was right.

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