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Real Super Powers

This is a short excerpt from a new post on my new blog, Pop Mythology.

People are always looking for shortcuts in life.  We want the cheat codes in which wealth, status, health and love will all magically fall into our laps.  Things like Get Rich Quick programs, Speed Seduction programs and 30-Day Body Transformation programs all fall under this rubric.

With no intention to offend anyone’s belief system, I believe that the whole “Create Your Own Reality” New Age movement, for instance (as exemplified by the bestselling book “The Secret,” which, to be fair, I’ve read), is a good example of this tendency.



My new blog,

Dear readers:

In a desire to collect accumulate a body of writings with a more focused theme, and to explore that theme deeper, I have started a new blog, will explore and discuss the perennial themes and ilfe lessons from works of contemporary pop culture via movies, graphic novels and even video games that recycle and repackage the great myths and legends from across time and space.  Moreover, it will suggest ways to implement these lessons in our own daily lives for that was always the true, hidden purpose of ancient myth.

You can read a little more on the “About” page.

The newest post for this new blog discusses some of the meanings and lessons behind the comic book character Captain America. 

The Dancing Paladin will still be my place for writing of a broader nature, with a greater variety of topics and themes.

Many thanks to all for the continued interest and support.

If you love comic books & pop culture, may interest you. (image: Marvel Studios)

What ‘The Dancing Paladin’ Means

Historical paladins pledging their allegiance to Charlemagne.

A couple of people have casually asked me what the title of my blog, “The Dancing Paladin,” means or implies.   It implies quite a lot, actually, and, I’ll devote this post to talking about it.  In a nutshell, it is, for me, an idealistic, romantic symbol of how I aspire to live.

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What This Blog Is About

Given that this is my first official entry for this blog, I thought I’d elaborate a little more about what the blog will be about in ways that the “About” page, in the name of brevity, does not.

I have already written, on my “About” page, about how The Dancing Paladin is about my philosophy of living a life that is both successful (in whatever sense you want that word to mean) and highly virtuous.

I can't say that the unexamined life is not worth living, as Socrates claimed, but I CAN say that the examined life is very worth living indeed. (image: Rembrandt, "Philosopher in Meditation," oil on wood, 1632)

The ideas that I will be writing about here are a result of a lifetime (so far, relatively short, I admit) of non-stop searching, reading, thinking, experimenting, changing and adapting. Most of it will be my original content.  Occasionally, some of it may be material by others that I want to share.  Some of it will be actual, practical tips; some of it will be just ideas that will be for you to decide what to do with. Continue reading