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Real Super Powers

This is a short excerpt from a new post on my new blog, Pop Mythology.

People are always looking for shortcuts in life.  We want the cheat codes in which wealth, status, health and love will all magically fall into our laps.  Things like Get Rich Quick programs, Speed Seduction programs and 30-Day Body Transformation programs all fall under this rubric.

With no intention to offend anyone’s belief system, I believe that the whole “Create Your Own Reality” New Age movement, for instance (as exemplified by the bestselling book “The Secret,” which, to be fair, I’ve read), is a good example of this tendency.



To Eden With Grace

There is a great disconnect that exists between people of modern societies, particularly city-dwellers, and their food.  We are a supermarket generation.  We know little of where our food comes from or how it’s grown, made, raised or killed nor what is involved in any of these processes.

This disconnect isn’t just a minor, unfortunate consequence of modern life and its many conveniences.  It’s one of the genuinely tragic prices we’ve paid for those conveniences because a natural result of not knowing where our food comes from is a lack of appreciation for it – for the food itself and the earth that produces it as well as the industries and the people who cultivate it.

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Why Lance Armstrong Is Still a Winner (Just Not in Sports)

Photo:  JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images

Well, as we all know by now, seven-time Tour De France champion Lance Armstrong has suddenly and unexpectedly fallen from grace.

Or has he, really?  It all depends on the angle from which you view the issue.

For my part, I choose to adopt a perspective that I fear will be overlooked and underappreciated as legions of commentators, critics and disappointed fans skewer the once-celebrated athlete and celebrity.

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