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How to Have Greater Emotional Fulfillment in Friendships

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I might write something that was in some way relevant to the theme of love, especially romantic love. Personally, I barely even notice V. Day’s coming and going.  But the fact is that for a lot of people, especially the youth, it does mean something and I respect that.  If they’re in a relationship, it’s a day to celebrate their love.  If they’re not, it can become an annoying reminder of their single status.  This is why, on holidays, a lot of young single people want to hang out with other single friends.  It’s a way to shield themselves from the feelings of lack or loneliness.

For many, holidays can exacerbate feelings of loneliness.

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What Is True Strength? (Pt. II)

Today I  answer the question that I began in my last post.

This is actually a topic that I could easily fill an entire book in order to  fully explore it in all its subtleties and ramifications, so, if anything, this post is only an introduction, not a complete exposition of my personal vision of True Strength.

As I suggested in the previous post, True Strength is not mere physical might or stamina.   You could lift a horse and still be a wimp when it comes to True Strength.

It is not mere aggressive behavior. Go ahead, flare out your feathers and act like the Alpha Male (if you’re a guy), but unless you cultivate True Strength you are, in the big scheme of things, an Omega Male (i.e., the male at the bottom of the pack).

My, such Big, Strong Men with Big Sticks they are, ganging up on an unarmed civilian.(http://www.flickr.com/groups/freekashmir/)

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